Useful Links

General Information: is a charity that supports children with speech, language and communication difficulties. provides information about speech, language and communication development for parents and professionals.

If you are worried about your child’s speech and language development then this link to a “Progress Checker for 3-4 year olds” can be helpful to see whether your child may need Speech and Language Therapy:

Progress Checker for 7 year olds: is a Canadian charity set up to promote the best possible language, social and literacy skills in young children. They provide information for parents and professionals. supports parents and carers of people with communication difficulties. is a campaign to increase the awareness of speech, language and communication difficulties and the role of speech and language therapists. Their “Seven Signs’ Booklets (one for children and one for adults) are available to download.

Professional Organisations, The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists is the professional body that provides information for therapists and members of the public. is the website for The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC formerly HPC). They regulate all therapists and care professionals and have an online register of all of their members that is available to the public.

For Specific Conditions: and  promote autism awareness and provides services for people with ASD.  Tony Attwood is a psychologist who provides information for parents, professionals and people with Asperger’s syndrome. publishes the most recent research.

The Dyscovery Centre ( and is a specialist centre for children and adults with specific learning difficulties including: Asperger’s Syndrome, DCD, Dyspraxia and Dyslexia.

The Sensory Integration Network ( is a non profit organisation providing information about sensory integration difficulties.  provide information and support for children, adults, families and professionals. is the website of both the Scottish and British Stammering Association who provide comprehensive information and advice for people who stammer, parents and professionals.  is the website for the Michael Palin Centre. This national Centre runs the UK’s largest specialist service exclusively dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of children who stammer. Action on Hearing Loss is the new name of RNID. is the website to support people who are blind or partially sighted. is a charity that provides support and information to people with disfigurements. They also run training courses and awareness campaigns. supports people with disability. Their website also has a large section of links to other organisations for specific conditions in the ‘help and information’ section. – Sleep Scotland is a charity promoting healthy sleep in children and young adults through education, sleep counselling and sleep awareness. – Information about diagnosis for adults who have – or think they may have – an autism spectrum disorder.

For Holistic Therapies: is the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists who publish the most recent research. is the Federation of Holistic Therapist regulates the profession and has an online register. is the website for The Touch Institute who publish research on the benefits of massage for babies and children.