Speech and Language Therapy For Parents & Families

Speech and Language Therapy For Parents and Families:

Different therapy packages are available to suit your requirements. From experience the following list is an outline of typical ways that this can be done (but it is not exhaustive):

  • If you have concerns about their child’s speech and language development and request an assessment. An assessment session usually takes an hour and a report will be provided. For parents who want this kind of guidance, it is also helpful to use the online progress checker provided by www.talkingpoint.org to get an idea of how your child’s speech and language skills are progressing. You can also send me an email with an outline of your concerns.


  • Some parents request support whilst their child is on an NHS waiting list or after a period of therapy has ended. Where appropriate, liaison with the NHS departments, other healthcare or childcare providers, will allow continuity of therapy. Referrals can also be made to other professionals and therapy can be provided in nursery or school.


  • Therapy can be provided in blocks, weekly/fortnightly or as and when required. There is a discount for a block booking but no pre-arranged time commitment is required.


  • Therapy sessions are tailored to a child’s individual needs and everyday routines where possible.


  • Some families want to try and support their child themselves but request coaching and guidance as to how to do this. Following an initial assessment, therapy goals are set and tailored around the child’s routines and interests. Materials are provided. Ongoing advice and support is provided by a combination of text, email, telephone and/or Skype and by review appointments as and when required. This can work well for children who are very young.

Parent Groups

From experience of working with parent groups who joint fund therapies and activities, a package of assessments and a combination of individual or group therapy can be provided. Children can also be supported in school and in partnership with NHS services.

Speech Therapy Service for Adults 

This service is available to clients with a diagnosed condition (e.g. voice disorder) or long term condition (e.g. speech difficulty or stammer since childhood).

Please contact me for further information.

If I am not able to help myself, I will always try and help you find the service you require.